(Im)perfect Conditions

We can all relate to a long to-do list. Meetings backed by more meetings. Jamming a doctor appointment into a lunch break.

The struggle to juggle ALL that work and life tosses at us AND still try to feel like what we produce at the end of the day is worth something.

For me, my office life looks a-typical…

Nine months ago I traded in my growing marketing director career of 10 years for the freelance world (and the opportunity to work with the team at Blue Blazes too!). The biggest hurdle hasn’t been a lack of work – I have just enough to keep me busy and balance all that life entails with a 9-year-old and a little one on the way in August. The struggle is my own discomfort. My own perceived need for my surroundings (people, atmosphere, stuff) to drive my creative mood.

Sure the messes of life surround me in my home office – one downside to this freelance role – yet I’m doing the best work of my life right now.

Seth Godin says (in his new book “What To Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn)”)…

“It’s not about standing in the right light or being in the right moment to let the muse arrive…. We’re capable of creating work that matters only if we’re willing to be uncomfortable while we do it.”

Got it, Seth. I’m uncomfortable. This work is hard, but valuable because I feel, in my gut, that not only am I in a season of life that’s just where I’m supposed to be, but I’m in a season of work that is really that – work! I’m learning, growing, exploring, and connecting with others in a way I wasn’t able to before. This kitchen chair I inhabit now in many ways is just the seat I needed, however uncomfortable it makes me. (I think I need to invest in chair cushions…).

Let’s embrace the discomfort of the season we are in. Finding ourselves amidst the chaos may be the best catalyst into create inspirational, impactful, passion-filled work.

Tell me, how you are uncomfortable, at odds, and embracing it wholeheartedly? It’s always good to feel like we aren’t alone in the mess of it all.

Molly is the Marketing Manager for Blue Blazes who enjoys knitting with expensive yarn, splashing in puddles at her son’s soccer games, and drinking excessive amounts of peppermint tea. Her daughter is due in August.

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