Meet Jordyn Sorrell

When we asked Jordyn “what’s your if-i-ever-got-a-superpower-this-is-what-it-would-be dream?” her answer of shape-shifting confirmed what we already knew about her – she can switch gears like no one else, no matter what we task her with.

Whether she’s acting as an Account Manager or Team Support, the force is strong with Jordyn, and we appreciate and love her for it!

Here’s a few things about Jordyn you may not have known… more reasons to think she’s just great!:

  • Her gigantic Hydro Flask is always nearby.
  • School takes up her non-work hours – she’s an undergrad working towards a doctorate of physical therapy.
  • She went to culinary school for baking and pastry and often provides delicious baked goods for the office (cheesecake!).
  • Favorite quote : “A party without cake is just a meeting.” – Julia Child
  • Coffee keeps her fueled and fighting.
  • She saw The Force Awakens four times the first week it was released to theaters.
Jordyn and her husband David

Jordyn and her husband David


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