On Our Collective Radar

A bit of randomness that’s been capturing the attention of the pyros in our spare time…

Mason Jar Meals : revolutionizing Amy’s breakfast every morning.

Tomefollery : a podcast Ashleen has been enjoying.

Seth Godin newest book : “His best book yet!,” says Marc.

Leo finally got his Oscar + movies Derick has been watching lately:

  • Hateful 8 – Fun story, very Tarantino, Shot on 70mm film (love)
  • Zoolander 2 – Not as good as the original, but enjoyable for dumb humor
  • The Revenant – Tense story, cinematography was the showstopper
  • Deadpool – Hilarious and so enjoyable. Definitely an R rated movie.
  • Star Wars Episode VII – I saw seeing this for a 5th time recently.
  • The Theory of Everything – Eddie Redmayne was spectacular.
  • The Visit – Horror movies don’t usually make me scream but this one did

My Baby’s Beat App : listening to the thump thump of baby’s heartbeat anytime, Molly’s greatest past time these days.

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