Client Challenge

The challenge at hand for LSW was this : how to communicate why they approach their work in their unique way. For them it’s not just about building for function, but it’s building for humanity, for living. Architectural work is linear, yes, but for LSW it’s creative, relational, intentional, and has the potential for greater impact on communities.

Our Solution

To visually represent LSW’s culture, they needed a logo with depth of meaning, something that showed the marriage of the right and left brain thinking, and that would communicate collaboration with transparency. Their holistic architectural approach merges creativity and discovery with science and engineering, the same approach used in their custom proposal materials. Stripped of anything bland and sterile, this piece is instead filled with rich colors and textures. More so, it tells their story, outlines their approach, gives nod to both the linear and the innovative.



The LSW identity concept was inspired by the brand distinctions at the core of their business – innovation, depth, clarity, and community. It’s a beautiful, functional unity of left and right brain thinking with a vibrant, dynamic color scheme and angular typography.



To continue the LSW brand into the day to day, professional digital letterhead and vibrant, unique business cards were crafted. They mimic the style of larger pieces of their branding and make a powerful first impression.



A complete and impactful presentation of their story, style, and services, the LSW proposal kit hits the hammer on the head, so to speak.