How Spring Cleaning Can Improve Your Whole Life

Technically we’re still in the throes of winter. Usually mid-March begins to feel like Spring may be approaching, with it’s plethora of rainy days interrupted with teeny breaks of sun, but this year spring feels as though it has already arrived.

Maybe it was the forecast of an early spring or possibly the absurd number of bulbs I’ve seen shooting their tender green shots through the dark wet soil. Whatever the case, I’ve contracted a high grade spring cleaning fever.

I’ve found myself cleaning up all areas of my life – work, home, school. And I’m reminded that the clients we work with are probably doing much the same, evaluating what’s working, what needs to be culled, and perhaps thinking they need professional assistance.

Dear clients, you are not alone!

My husband and I moved into our tiny house last August and in the process purged a lot of things that we did not find absolutely necessary to daily life. When I say tiny, I mean it. We’re talking 480 square feet tiny. In this amount of space, it is imperative that everything has its place and you only hold on to the necessities.

Needless to say it doesn’t take much for a small space to begin to feel cluttered and disorganized and being someone who prides herself on being organized, this can take its toll on my sanity.

So the other day I decided to take stock of all the things we had lying around that didn’t serve a greater purpose. I purged the closets and drawers of clothes, cleaned out the bathroom cabinets, consolidated boxes in the basement and recycled those that were unused. Soon it began to feel as if I could breathe a little easier. Everything that held purpose had its place and I was rid of the things that ate away at our precious space.

This so often occurs with my work life as well. The to-do list gets longer, the email box is endlessly full and continuing to fill. The layers of sticky notes on my desk get thicker, yellow layer upon yellow layer. 

So not only am I finding myself purging my home piles, I’m evaluating each and every sticky note, email, and to-do item on the list. And with each item wrapped up, filed, and recycled, I’m feeling the cold days of winter lift, and the sunshine between the rain drops of spring increase.

How about you? Are you also taking stock of the activities, tasks, and to-dos you have to tackle? Are the piles, literal or figurative, around you prompting to you make some changes, to ask for help? Take stock and get your spring cleaning started. I know I’m feeling better with each improvement I make.

Need some help doing so? Here are a few resources:

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