Boardgame Geek

With a million users and several decades at the heart of the tabletop gaming community, Board Game Geek (BGG) has a rich legacy to uphold. When BGG and Blue Blazes began to discuss evolving the brand into a more modern aesthetic, we recognized the need to respect their heritage while also appealing to a broader audience in their expanding industry.

A simple, silhouetted shape recreated the former BGG logomark for a new era. This new mark eschewed the whimsical & skeuomorphic elements prominently featured in the former BGG mascot for a cleaner, more versatile look. The abstract, dramatically angled lines in the new mark are leveraged to create a fun visual language for the brand that is flexible and scalable.

Deliverables: Brand Strategy / Branded Merch / Branding / Iconography / Identity Suite / Promotional Collateral